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Welcome to the future of digital healthcare! At Eureka*, we take pride in offering a specialized Digital Marketing and CRM service designed exclusively for medical clinics and hospitals. Our comprehensive solution will enable you to streamline your processes, reach more patients, and deliver quality care efficiently.

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Efficiently manage and validate appointments: Through our platform, you can effectively manage and validate your appointments, ensuring a seamless scheduling process.

Simplify the payment process: Streamline the payment process by sending a single payment link compatible with systems like PayPal, MercadoPago, and Stripe, providing convenience and security to your patients.

Create comprehensive individual records: Generate a complete history for each client, offering detailed tracking of their medical progress and enabling personalized and precise care.

Multi-agent support: Provide smooth and continuous assistance through our multi-agent support system, ensuring that each patient receives the level of service they deserve.


Benefits of Our Service:

Attract more patients: With our digital marketing strategies, you will reach a wider and more specific audience, generating a steady flow of new patients.

Optimize management: Our CRM will allow you to efficiently manage your appointments, medical records, inventory, and finances, freeing up time to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Enhance the patient experience: Through innovative digital tools, your patients can schedule appointments online, receive reminders, and access their medical information securely and easily.

Build trust: Boost your brand image and credibility in the digital realm, ensuring that your patients have full confidence in your services.

Save costs: Our solution will help you reduce operational costs and improve efficiency in all aspects of your clinic or hospital.

Our Services Include:

Design and development of professional and user-friendly medical websites.

Customized digital marketing strategies, including SEO, online advertising, and social media presence.

Implementation and configuration of our medical CRM for comprehensive management.

Process automation to streamline care and enhance the patient experience.

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Work Team​

We are physically located in the city of Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.  

Dr. Jose Gordillo

Project Managment

Israel Espinosa

Project Leader
SCRUM Master

Marco Demonte


Galo Demonte

Functional Odoo Implementer and Digital Marketing Expertl

Francisco Gallo

Production of Educational and Audiovisual Projects

Carlos Canche

Specialized Design for Health and Clinics​

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